"PrepTutorEJDIC" and "EJDIC"
This dictionary is compiled from "PrepTutorEJDIC", which in turn is a revised version of "ejdic".

"ejdic" is an old lexicon file which is reported to have existed at a linguistics FTP server of Carnegie-Mellon University as early as 1991.

According to Professor Greg Peterson of Kyoto Notre Dame University , who has tried to track down the origin of this file, the copyright holder of "ejdic" is yet to be identified. He further insists that any references to Kyoto Notre Dame University's POETS Project in conjunction with ejdic should be deleted.

Professor Jim Breen of Monash University has advised that he first became aware of the file in the early 1990s, when it was being used in a company in Japan and was believed to have come either via or from Carnegie -Mellon University.

As for me, I downloaded "ejdic" files from "XBabylon" at (http://www.geocities.jp/nikotuk/xbabylon.html) which is hosted by Mr. Makigura.

The "README" file included in this batch states that Mr. W. Phillip Moore of Matsushita Electric Works was given ejdic from a friends of his at Carnegie-Mellon University. This document, according to Professor Jim Breen, was dated 1991.

Professor Breen also states that the latest information he has on the origin of "ejdic" is that the file was a transcription of a commercial dictionary, and hence was not supposed to be released.

Long considered a public domain file, "ejdic" has the definite potential to become a good dictionary. The purpose of my "PrepTutorEJDIC" project is to revise and improve on "ejdic" by weeding out numerous typos found in the file and by keeping it updated.

Too bad that the origin of "ejdic" does not seem to be 100% kosher. I would, however, still like to use "ejdic" as a nucleus to build on, hoping it will someday evolve into something that can be evaluated on its own merits.

Though still rough around the edges, this will have to do for the time being.

Last but not least, I am immensely indebted to the author(s) of "ejdic" whoever he/she/they may be. Will the author(s) of "ejdic" please get in touch with me?

Negishi, Jiro
version1.0 (August 2003)

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